What’s in a Name?

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Welcome to the Painted Vieux

Since 2014, The Painted Vieux has been the destination for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and the #1 source for Artisan Enhancements® products in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As an Annie Sloan stockist, we are the prime source for monthly workshops taught by our trained, and empowering staff, while offering personal attention to our customers and their upcoming projects. We also offer a wide range of home decor to truly inspire and transform any space.

New Vieux, New You!

As we’ve continued to develop strong relationships with our customers, we are eager to find new ways to empower and inspire. That means we are reshaping how we connect with you online with Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, while sharing some new insights with you on this new blog! We are also looking for new ways to interact and partner with our local community and can’t wait to continue to grow with our customers and their project goals!

So, what’s with the “Vieux”?

Many times, customers come into the store wondering “why Vieux instead of View?”, and this is a wonderful question! In short, “vieux” is a French word that means vintage, or the old way and here at The Painted Vieux, we offer a variety of products and workshops to help you create faux-vintage pieces and projects that are totally unique to you and your style.

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