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Dorm Room Decor

Back to School Season is in full swing, and that means decorating new dorm rooms, apartments and suite style housing for college students everywhere. Located in the cultural center of Fort Worth, Texas we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from TCU and love our Frogs and have so much fun helping mom’s and daughters alike search for some dorm room decor to make her new home feel special and just her own. Here are some things that inspire your as your begin transforming your dorm!

Ole Miss Dorm Room

From Drab to Fab

This video by Southern Living popped up on my facebook feed a few months ago, and I was absolutely floored by this amazing dorm at Ole Miss. These 2 ladies absolutely transformed their dorm room into a luxuriously chic, southern haven. Check out the full video.



Home Decor

Up Up Up!

Organizing a dorm room can sound daunting because of the limited amount of square footage available. Not to mention that a space that barely seems big enough for 1 person must be shared by 2. But, something many people overlook is the opportunity to organize upward! What does that mean? Stackable shelves can be bought nearly anywhere, and can easily be placed against a wall or on top of a desk. And, don’t feel like you have to scrimp on decorating – shelves aren’t just for holding books!

AE Frame

When in Doubt, DIY

if you can’t find a piece that truly represents your style and aesthetic, make it! One idea is to create a work of art or quote that inspires you, our friends at Artisan Enhancements have a great tutorial on how to do make a framed statement piece.


AE Frame DIY

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