The Magic of Foiling

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Watch the Foil Reveal Here

We love a good reveal and Nordic Chic, an international retailer that distributes Artisan Enhancements® products in Europe shared this epic foil reveal on Facebook earlier this month.

Sometimes we have customers that will come into the store and voice their fear of moving beyond paint and wax and into the world of advanced paint mediums like crackling, stenciling, foiling, or creating textured looks. But these techniques are not as scary as you think! In reality, it’s a matter of taking the time to follow the right steps and having the confidence in yourself to try something new.

And, don’t forget at The Painted Vieux, we equip you with tip sheets to help you along the way. So if it’s your first time using Leaf & Foil or Fine Stone, we have a sheet that the folks at Artisan Enhancements® wrote to help beginners and professionals alike.

But, if you want a more hands on approach or just want to learn more about a variety of Artisan Enhancements® products and advanced finishing techniques sign up for one of our Intro to Artisan Enhancements Workshops. Terri will walk you through a variety of techniques and help you establish a game plan for your next project.

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