#mixitmonday – Mellow Yellow

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Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow – Colors Needed 

English Yellow

Pure White


Often times, we have customers that come in looking for a light, pale yellow to paint a piece of furniture that will eventually go into a nursery, little girl’s room, or their living room. For this edition of #mixitmonday we want to show you some custom mix options that we’ve created.

Mixing 101

If this is your first time mixing, it’s best to start out small. For instance, if the mix calls for 1:1 English Yellow to Pure White, mix 1 Tablespoon of each color together with a plastic spoon or a popsicle stick. If the mix calls for a 2:1 mix, mix 2 tablespoons of English Yellow with 1 tablespoon of Pure White.

Spread a small amount of your mixture on a piece of butcher paper or on the piece that you will be painting. Give the mixture a chance to dry because the color will appear darker when dry. 

Contain Your Color

Once you’ve mixed your desired color, you can begin to mix a larger quantity using cups or another measuring increment using the same ratio guidelines. When we create custom mixes in store, we store the final mix in an empty plastic Folgers coffee container and write the color recipe/ratio on the lid for reference.

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